Your Wedding Your Way

Congratulations On Your Engagement!       

It’s exciting and wonderful and it DOESN’T have to be stressful.  My 17 years of experience will assist you every step of the way and we will  have fun with it.  Below are just some of the weddings I’ve Officiated. Scroll over the photos and let your creativity begin.  You will see a great deal of variety in these photos.

“Because every expression of Love and Commitment

is as unique as the two who wish to express it.”


I have married hundreds of couples.  Some have been gala events.  Some have been private and intimate affairs.  Regardless of the venue, my personality of joy for you, sacredness and dedication to your purpose stays the same.  Below, please enjoy a 10 minute ceremony.  This couple are very good friends of mine.  They are marrying in my home office while her parents from Brazil are witnessing through Skype on my iPad.  It is casual and shows you my personality…. a perfect way for you to consider if we are a match.  

Call for more details when you are ready.  Laura @ 631-487-3194

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