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Congratulations On Your Engagement!       

It’s exciting and wonderful and it DOESN’T have to be stressful.  My 17 years of experience will assist you every step of the way and we will  have fun with it.  Below are just some of the weddings I’ve Officiated. Scroll over the photos and let your creativity begin.  You will see a great deal of variety in these photos.

“Because every expression of Love and Commitment

is as unique as the two who wish to express it.”

I have married hundreds of couples.  Some have been gala events.  Some have been private and intimate affairs.  Regardless of the venue, my personality of joy for you, sacredness and dedication to your purpose stays the same.  Below, please enjoy a 10 minute ceremony.  This couple are very good friends of mine.  They are marrying in my home office while her parents from Brazil are witnessing through Skype on my iPad.  It is casual and shows you my personality…. a perfect way for you to consider if we are a match.  

Call for more details when you are ready.  Laura @ 631-487-3194


Have you ever put together a web site? For me, to ask the couples that I love so deeply to allow me to put their words and pictures on display for you to see has been a transformative process. All I did was put out an email to ask who would like to authorize permission for their precious pictures and words to be displayed and low and behold my email box was flooded with good wishes and pictures galore. Although this page is a testimonial page for all of you to see, it is a chance for me to thank them for allowing it all to come together. To all of the couples who have allowed me to share in their most precious day, I am eternally grateful. Below are a few testimonials from some of the couples that I have had the honor of officiating for.



Mike and I wanted to thank you for being everything we could have ever imagined and more. Your words were as if you snuck into my heart and pulled out my beliefs. Our day was simply magical. It was a day that I will be sad to say will never be able to be justly put into words. You captured our spirits and took us on a private journey into our marriage. In fact- for any future events I would be honored to have you there— because you are one of the first people in a long time that GETS IT. That understands the beauty of simplicity and the connection to everything. That you and I and mike and the trees and the grass and the geese that were generous enough to attend our wedding are all the SAME. We are “god”. We are a part of something — all a part of something wonderful. We are not better or worse because WE are the “GREAT MYSTERY”. So we want to thank you for being in our lives and a part of our union. You are a blessing and we would be honored to keep you in our lives in one way or another. so… from the bottom of our hearts- THANK YOU FOR YOUR SPIRIT!

With Love and Respect,

Jenny and Michael Pulisi!


Dear Laura,

Words cannot describe the feelings that we experience when we remember the most beautiful day of our lives. We want to thank you for all you did to help make our wedding day absolutely perfect! We are truly blessed that you are such a special part of our lives. With deepest love and gratitude.

Kathy and Brett


The setting was by the Jamaica Bay in a small park under a charming gazebo. I heard the laughter of a small child playing in the background. Under the gazebo was a small table draped with a white cloth that gently danced in the warm summer air. There were two tall glasses one filled with yellow sand and the other with blue. A small broom was carefully placed on the table. This was the setting for the most important day of my life.

So with a small circle of family and friends, we shared our vows. I just wanted to thank you for being apart of this very special day. It was the most beautiful and intimate wedding I’ve ever been to and I am honored that it was ours….Mrs. Greta Gardner.


Hi Reverend Laura,

Our wedding day was just fabulous.  Every time we look at our wedding pictures or watch our video, it brings us back to reality and remember the purpose of the day.  Its just not about the beautiful dress or the spectacular party. Its about.. why we were there.  We were there to be joined as one.  The ceremony was truly special.  I will never forget it and neither will the guests.  Everyone still talks about the ceremony till this day.

You are a remarkable person and I am so happy that you were able to officiate our marriage.  I couldn’t imagine any other person uniting us as husband and wife.  Your compassion and guidance had helped Shev and myself through the road of our wedding day.  Other brides and grooms would only be lucky to have you officiate their marriage…I must send you pictures of the day.  Once again, thank you for all that you have done for Shev and myself.

Love,  Gina


Laura! …We really thought you were the greatest. Countless people at the reception told us how much they loved our ceremony and how special it was. We are so happy with the way everything worked out.  Thanks again for all your effort and energy. It was a truly perfect day. Keep in touch and take care!

Love, Les & Rob


Rev Laura,

Thank you again for helping to make our wedding day so beautiful.  when we met with you for our first consultation, we both knew that we had found someone who would bring a personal, intimate feel to our ceremony.  So many people have commented to us since the wedding on how touching the ceremony was and how they really felt like a part of our ceremony.  – it was exactly the feeling we were hoping to achieve!  We think of you fondly whenever we think of that day and will always have you in our hearts. 

Much love Always, Lori and Megan


Dear Rev. Laura,

Thank you so much for the beautiful ceremony you gave us on our balcony wedding!  Enjoy our wedding pictures.  We sure Do!!  It was such a beautiful ceremony.  One that will stay etched in our minds forever!     

All Our Love,  Mandy and Jimmy Ellmore


Dearest Rev. Laura

I am writing to make sure you know we haven’t forgotten you.  How could we forget someone that made our wedding day even more special then it already was!  Thank you for your beautiful self.  

Till next time, Vanessa and Vinny Frederico


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