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by  Laura Tria, ​Founder and President

Many years ago the study of alternative thoughts and theologies was underground, unaccepted and thought of to be, at the very least, weird. I remember facilitating Woman’s Circles in private homes and not feeling comfortable speaking about it when I was with the general public. The first time I Officiated a wedding for a Jewish Woman marrying a Catholic Man, it was an oddity! When I first practiced Reiki, people were afraid of the after effects. Not anymore! In fact, it has become common place to request a ‘Reiki’ session or inquire when and where is there a Woman’s Spirituality or Drum Circle. It is for these reasons that I created the New Light Sanctuary.

Although New Light Sanctuary is located online and in Bay Shore, NY, New Light Sanctuary, LLC is not an address. It is not in one particular location.  The essence of New Light Sanctuary is a beautiful and peaceful space for people to explore, share and grow their spiritual path. And because it exists for people, it travels to where it is needed.

It is for those that question and create life and desire a perfect space to share and gain knowledge. The inner knowledge that empowers and sustains us. It is for those that find Truth in one or more than one belief system. It is for the Teachers, the Healers, the Students and the entire community. Is is a place for us to grow and share our inspirations through workshops, seminars, dancing and drumming, yogas and marital arts …to name just a few things that go on in our New Light Sanctuary. It is a place of shared healing, joy and abundance. The New Light Sanctuary is a house of worship for those of Alternative beliefs as well as those who are rooted in the beliefs of their ancestors. The New Light Sanctuary is a special and sacred space that allows people to express themselves Mind, Body and Spirit.

The New Light Sanctuary is NOT a non-Profit organization. We rely on no one outside of ourselves to maintain this sacred space and all it’s operations. We are of the belief that money is a necessary tool for business in this world today. For this reason, there is no begging or hoping that you ‘donate’. Contributions are gladly accepted and they are Not eligible as a tax right off. Some of our services have fees attached while others do not. It will always be posted and there may be alternatives for those who are unable to pay. In those cases we recognize that trading talents can be a beneficial way to exchange energies.   ​ We adhere strongly to our mission statement, which is posted above.

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