The Feminine and Circle

Feminine Spirituality is unique to wymyn.  It doesn’t matter our culture, economic status, educational level or age.  Wymyn are designed to ‘feel’ life.  When we allow ourselves to come together in workshops, retreats, mediations, dance, collaboration or even just conversation, our lives are enhanced by our coming together in circle.  It is what wymyn have done for thousands and thousands of years.  Maidens, Mothers, Crones… girls, adults, elders.  We share, we laugh, we cry, we be silly, we be serious, we be loud and we sit in silence.  The essence of our innate sensuality and feminine energy lifts us, carries us and brings us to our best selves.  

You are not alone.  Ever.  

Scroll the Feminine Spirituality tab and see where you want to fit in.  

Click on the chant below and feel the essence of ‘She’

 She’s been waiting,… waiting,…

She’s been waiting so long,……

She’s been Waiting for Her Children to Remember to Return…


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