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Wisdom 5 Society


Be In the Conversation

This ‘Core Conversation’  is rich in theology, philosophy, psychology, metaphysics and simple truths and techniques that are capable of transforming and enhancing your life! Watch this short 2 minute video and I’ll explain what it is and how it can benefit you. 

Here’s the details:

Where:  We will be meeting on  A few minutes before the meeting is to start, using your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop simply click here and follow the instructions and wallah!  We’ll be waiting for you.

When: We’ll meet on the first Wednesday of each month.  Start time for our meeting will be  @ 7PM Eastern SHARP! Please show up at least 5 minutes early to settle in.  Check for your time zone converter here.

Fee:  There is no fee for this service.  Come with your open minds and hearts and we’ll share, learn and grow together.