Maiden, Mother, Crone

Witness the younger ones training the Elders and the Elders teaching the youth and I know ‘SHE’ is pleased.  The ‘SHE’ that I speak of is that which resides within us all. It is also that which connects and unites us. 

We’re coming together in honor of the ancient ways; while celebrating the women that we are today!

And you have been the ones who have taught me the best way to do that.  I’ve been circling with women since my 30’s.  It is through these monthly circles we’ve learned about ourselves and each other. We’ve learned how brave we are. We’ve learned how sensitive we are and how smart we are. We’ve learned that it’s okay to cry and feel insecure while growing our- selves from whatever life crisis we were going through. We’ve learned different ideas for managing life.  And we’ve learned that we are unique and normal all at the same time. We’ve learned that sensuality is our  feminine nature and our birthright as well as being logical and stoic at times. We’ve learned that it’s perfectly okay to be bitchy. We’ve leaned all about ourselves through the various womyn who have been our mirrors, our mothers and our daughters. Each of us is Maiden, Mother and Crone.    And when we gather in circle, we grow and support each other, and it is natural and beautiful and life affirming in every way. 

Within the last few years, I’ve noticed that Our Feminine Divine Circle has expanded into a delightful balance of womyn in their 20’s as well as 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and yes,,,, 80’s!  As I witness you chanting to- gether, banging your drums and shaking your instruments, meditating and bringing down the Moon together and most importantly, sharing your stories together, I am humbled and in awe of the blending. I witness the younger ones training the elders and the elders teaching the youth and I know SHE is pleased. The SHE I speak of is that which resides with-in all of us. It is also that which connects and unites us.  

The chant we sing….. 
She’s been waiting, waiting, 
She’s been waiting so long,
She’s been waiting for her children to remember to return.
…has finally come to fruition.  You are the proof that the generations can still respect and learn from each other. You are the proof that womyn we are meant to circle and not be separated. You are the proof that we teach and learn from each other, and that this is what keeps us healthy, active within our communities and strong with our voices. 

Come and join the celebration.  You will be
fed a delicious and light breakfast, lunch and dinner as we learn, ritualize, chant and share.  I’ve designed a program that will allow us to go deep into ourselves as individuals and as the Maidens, Mothers and Crones that we are. Be more confident in this world knowing who you are as a woman.

*The fee for this celebration is $75.  All methods of payments are accepted.  If you need a payment plan, simply give me a call.
*The address is Laura’s Place.  Reach out if you don’t already have my address.
*The start time is 9AM till Sunset.  
*Wear comfy clothing and expect to be treated like the Goddesses you are. 
RSVP is necessary as I am preparing for you.

As always, I am hear for any of your questions or concerns.
Just give me a call. 631-487-3194 or write
        Loving you all and so looking forward to            CELEBRATING WITH YOU!