Gather The People

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Back in the 1990’s when I was looking for a spiritual place to call home, I found my first Interfaith Community.  I remember the first time that I went to their service as if it was yesterday.  There was a man and a womyn sharing the pulpit.  He was Jewish and she was Pentecostal.  I was in awe of the two religions coming together to speak as one.  The audience was filled with every type of people you could imagine.  There were Hindus, Christians, Jews and Pagans and I sat in silence and just let the tears flow as I saw all the people of creation come together as one.  My heart was filled and I knew I was home… well, almost home.  I didn’t care for having to be somewhere on a Sunday.  We, as Americans, are obligated to work so much during the week, that it seems a shame to me to be obligated to do anything on the weekends.  But, I was in love with the intent and the practice of us all coming together so I sat and just accepted the way things were.

At the end of the service, they made the usual announcements of what was going on in the community.  They announced that they were going to have their first ‘Feminine Divine Circle’.  I hadn’t a clue what it was, but the fact that it was going to be monthly on a Friday night was perfect for me.  I raised my hand to be part of the creation of the Feminine Divine Circle and later that week, I met with 5 womyn and the creation of what would be my ‘calling’ became manifest.  Bringing womyn together by tea light and drums and chanting has transformed womyn’s lives all over the world.  It is not a hierarchy tradition.  It is circle.  Everyone is equal and we practice our spirituality in a way that allows us to leave our mundane world and nurture our spirits.  I will never stop attending or facilitating Sacred Circles.


This photo is of me and the womyn as we bang our drum and shake our rattles.  It’s been heaven on earth facilitating for the womyn all these years.  I will never stop it.

In this year, 2018, I am aware that something is missing.  Something has change for me and for others.  We are noticing that our Men aren’t present in circle.  I acknowledge that womyn will always need there own private and separate Circle time.  There is no need to change this.  On the other hand, another ‘calling’ has been added to what I do.  I am called to bring Men and Womyn together in Sacred Circle. And I am not the only one knowing this time has come.  I’ve joined with Root Yoga Studio who’s founders are amazing, spiritually minding people who have this same desire.  Root Yoga Studio is already sacred space.  The lighting, the ambiance and the energy that runs through their studio is perfect for our circle.   My intention is to create a sacred space for us to sit in the dimness of tea light, bang our drums, chant together and use a talking piece to share our innate wisdom.  I know… I REALLY KNOW that the respect, love, healing and joy that womyn and men need is possible in Sacred Circle.  So, I am committed to this.  I’m loving the name Gather The People, because all people are welcomed.

Come and create with me.  Lets have a new understanding of each other as we step out of the politics of the day and into the ‘other worldly zone’ of peace, respect, joy and love.

Gather The People

This is different. We combined, the drumming, the chanting, meditations and conversation! Its a full evening of stepping out of the mundane and into an ‘Other Worldly Place’. Join us as Men and Women practice the ancient and indigenous ways of coming together in Sacred Circle. I will lead us in an evening of drumming, chanting and ritual that is sure to leave you peaceful, lighthearted, and filled with hope for our future.

*Please bring your comfy socks or bare feet, a drum or rattle if you have one (not to worry, there will be plenty on hand) bring your open hearts and minds and be prepared to step into an other-worldly experience of Sacred Respect for ourselves, each other and our planet. Come early as we start at 7:30pm sharp 🙂

Gather the People meets monthly on the first Tuesday. Call me if you’d like more info… Laura @ 631-487-3194

Fee $20 per person

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