Interfaith Study and Ordination

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So many different spiritual beliefs.  So many songs reaching up to the heavens and circling round our earth.  All wondering.  All wanting to connect to the Ultimate Mystery that is undefinable.  What does it sound like, all those songs?  For me, it sounds like the most beautiful harmony in the Universe.                     …Reverend Laura Tria

There are many reasons to become an Ordained Interfaith Minister.  For some, it is the personal journey, as you will read in the testimonials below.  It can be absolutely life transforming.  For me, it has always been the desire to serve. In this course, you will get to know yourself in a whole new and full way.  You will know humanity differently.  Your belief systems will be challenged and you will bring forth your truth.

As students of the New Light Sanctuary, LLC, your curriculum includes intense study, reading and interaction.  This is experiential learning, not books, lectures and tests.  Once you are Ordained, if you chose, you will be able to sustain yourself by serving others.  It is a business course as well as a spiritual journey.

Interviews are required.  For more details, please contact Laura 631-487-3194


In 2009 I trained with Reverend Laura Tria, taking her New Light Sanctuary Interfaith Minister training. A beautiful and transformational journey. That year I was immersed in intensives – I was fully invested in my training with Reverend Laura and fully invested in another personal transformation type intensive, both at the same time. I had two separate immersions into myself going. I meant business. I was ready to change myself, change my life, and I needed help. I was stuck in self-induced suffering of various kinds. I wanted so strongly to be free of it and my habits of thinking that created them. Reverend Laura’s training was immensely helpful for me – I found such strength, such clarity, i found self love, self-care, and I received genuine support in my succeeding in finding this new unfolding freedom and peace, …great support not only from Reverend Laura but my classmates as well. Reverend Laura’s training was one of the most special treats I’ve ever given myself –  I highly recommend it for anyone serious about wanting to connect to their spirituality while undergoing significant personal development, healing of self-defeating ways, and other positive changes. Her training nurtures the whole being.

Siobhan Erica Ciresi



Dear Laura,

This has been a Soulful year and a half and I am so looking forward to spreading the wings you have expanded.  Never in a million years did I imagine having the guts to do half the things I am doing today.  Thank you for seeing me.  Thank you for hearing me.  Thank you mostly for loving me and guiding me through my transition.  You have helped me get in touch with my true self and helped me forgive ‘her’ as well.  You have showed me that miracles are not only a gift but that they are for me as much as anyone else.  You have encouraged me to be myself and that failing is every part of my success as winning.  It is because of you I stand on my own two feet, it is because of you, I am no longer afraid to look bad in public or in private.  It is because of you I can see my future clearly and it is filled with blessings and passion.  Thank you for being a stand for the life I am capable and worthy of living.  Because of you, “I Live My Truth”.

Sat Nam and With so much love and gratitude,

Reverend Dawn Krohberger


It gives me great pleasure to write these words on behalf of Reverend Laura Tria.  As her student, under New Light Sanctuary, I feel qualified to speak on both her dedication to her students, and her commitment to her teaching skills.  As a Seminary Teacher, I am particularly impressed with her intellectual initiative and the tenacity with which she serves.  My assessments of Reverend Laura’s abilities are confirmed by the other students.  I’ve had occasion to hear about her work from other students, and all comment upon her excellent teaching skills. I know that Reverend Laura has a deep commitment to helping others negotiate personal challenges, and a sincere dedication to fostering positive change.  For these reasons, I feel confident in saying that her students will go on to be successful spiritual leaders, and this includes me as well…Sincerely, Reverend Elie Tramantozzi

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