Interfaith Study and Ordination

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So many different spiritual beliefs.  So many songs reaching up to the heavens and circling round our earth.  All wondering.  All wanting to connect to the Ultimate Mystery that is undefinable.  What does it sound like, all those songs?  For me, it sounds like the most beautiful harmony in the Universe. -Reverend Laura Tria

There are many reasons to become an Ordained Interfaith Minister.  For some, it is the personal journey, as you will read in the testimonials below.  It can be absolutely life transforming.  For me, it has always been the desire to serve. In this course, you will get to know yourself in a whole new and full way.  You will know humanity differently.  Your belief systems will be challenged and you will bring forth your truth.

As students of the New Light Sanctuary, LLC, your curriculum includes intense study, reading and interaction.  This is experiential learning, not books, lectures and tests.  Once you are Ordained, if you chose, you will be able to sustain yourself by serving others.  It is a business course as well as a spiritual journey.

Interviews are required.  For more details, please contact Laura 631-487-3194

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