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Mataya Grace

A child is a blessing unlike any other. Just holding these precious little creatures is a gift that lights up our senses and opens our hearts wider than we could have ever imagined!  Putting together a Baby Blessing is one of the sweetest events in a parent’s life. It is their baby being celebrated by the world! It doesn’t get more special than that.

Baby Blessing

It’s so important that we meet whether it be Skype, FaceTime or in person so that we can really bond and get an understanding of what ‘baby blessing’ means to you.  In this way, I can create according to your belief’s.  In the photos below, John and Lisa wanted to welcome Courtney with family surrounding them.  So, we did exactly that.  Below you see Courtney’s Grandparents lighting the Family Flame.  I call it the Lineage of Love.  They pass their candles to their children John and Lisa, and John and Lisa in turn light the baby’s candle.  It is the beginning of a ceremony that says, “this is about family growing and expanding in the name of Love!click on the images and let them expand for you.

baby cory
Lisa and John present Courtney


Here’s a little story on how Siena’s baby blessing went… it may give you some ideas of your own…

When Sienna was 6 months young, her parents gathered the family together and we took part in a ceremony that really welcomed her into this world.  We took our ceremony outside to the beach and with toes in the sand we began.  Sienna’s parents and I spent an evening deciding what they wanted her ceremony to reflect. We took ideas and rituals from their cultural as well as their religious backgrounds. We mixed some of the old traditions and invented some new ones. The elements of this ceremony were unique to Sienna and her family.

Each of her Grandmothers gave blessings of their own choosing and cultural background. Her Godparents spoke vows to her that promised they would stand by her side. Her Mom and Dad prepared a ribbon that had trinkets hanging from it. Each trinket represented a different path or career she might take in life. I remember there was one for a business woman, one that represented sports, one for the medical field and little books tied together told of a life as an intellect.

There were other trinkets as well. We laughed that her parents gave her so many choices. Finally, we applauded our approval as she pointed toward being a fashion designer LOL! The point was well made that we will stand and support whatever makes her happy and fulfilled in this life.

We ended with Sienna in her Father’s arms as we Blessed her and welcomed her.  We wished her all the good life has to offer. It was special and tender. I heard tears of joy from the ones that loved her so much. Then we all cheered as we let go of the balloons we held onto through out her ceremony. The balloons brought our wishes and prayers and dreams for this baby, right up and into the Cosmos. What a welcoming it was!


There are so many different scenarios to consider.  Being a Single Parent brings new ideas and rituals that are unique to the Mom or Dad raising the baby.  Some babies are months if not years old when the parents choose to celebrate them.  It happens!  There are so many ways to celebrate.  


The Twins Arrive!  Nikole and Joe were so happy!  We took the boys, Grayson and Jackson, out to the park while the whole of family and friends followed.  It was a beautiful Summer day.  I remember thinking that the Sun was actually welcoming them with us.  It was so perfect.

nikole and joe

I have performed many Baby Blessings.  All come with a certificate commemorating the day.  For some it is a Baptism, for some a Baby Naming and others call it a Baby Welcoming.  We’ll discuss what it means to you and create the day of your dreams.  Call when you’d your baby are ready and lets begin.  631-487-3194



And one of the most precious beauties for me is knowing that I will see you over and over again as your family grows!

Baby blessings

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