From her very beginning in New York, Laura Tria’s education as well as her life experience has been diverse. She became an Ordained Interfaith Minister at All Faith Seminary in 2000 and has been serving her community ever since. In the last 20 years she has become a Life Coach, a Spiritual Counselor as well as a Master Reiki Practitioner. In everything she does, The Feminine is at the forefront of Laura’s mind. She is the author of “HerStory, A Feminine Interpretation of Ancient Knowledge”, a book that speaks on womyn and their original story in the most novel and yet nostalgic way.

As a Teacher, she is known for training and ordaining those that have a ‘calling to serve’. Because she saw a sacred safe space nowhere else, she became Founder of The New Light Sanctuary, LLC in 2011; a place where everyone regardless of gender, orientation, identification or religion is welcome. In addition, she holds workshops for womyn to connect to their deepest and most divine feminine wisdom.

Laura is also Priestess and facilitator of “Our Feminine Divine Circle”, a monthly gathering of womyn to connect with themselves and other womyn to the entrancing rhythm of drums. She is the owner of I Serve, a company devoted to assisting the community with their unique spiritual needs.

For many years, Laura has taught and worked with “Pride for youth” a not-for-profit organization that provides a safe haven for the LGBT youth community. She creates a safe space for them to explore their own truth while validating their natural birth rights as human beings.  Laura takes a strong stand for the right for all of us to ‘be’ exactly who we are.

Laura Tria is a Visionary who believes knowing our spiritual past will ground us and help us build a brighter, healthier, happier future.

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