Happy Love Month: Why isn’t it Green?

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Lovers romantically creating moments for themselves to acknowledge and celebrate the magic of their love. Some are very private about this day and make it a one-on-one quiet celebration. I remember my dad who surprised my mom throughout the year with loving gestures. He used to say he wouldn’t give in to the hype and commercialism of Valentine’s Day. He said he didn’t have to be forced to show my mom and the world his affection for her. Yet, he knew he had to play along. He made sure to honor my sister and me with a box of chocolates or trinket of jewelry. It was showing us that this was a ‘guy’ responsibility or something.

Other people are very public about this holiday and they jump right into the fanfare. The entire entertainment business thrives during this holiday. It is a most popular evening for clubs and restaurants as they create the perfect ambiance using soft reds and pinks to assist in the lure of love. Their job is to keep low lighting, soft music, an abundance of chocolates and champagne on hand. This will be the night that many will get down on one knee and bare their hearts asking the question they’ve given so much thought, “Will you marry me?” If the answer is yes, then there is the promise of true and everlasting monogamous love. This is the dream that we are pointed toward as soon as we can understand life. However, it is a dream that can be psychologically dangerous for so many.

I am certainly not a humbug when it comes to romance. Romance is beautiful and from my perspective, it is also necessary to keep the fantasy of love alive. Our lives can get so mundane and the spark from our imaginations and our loving expressions are necessary to refuel our relationships. It’s nice to step out of the daily grind and jump into the make believe, grownup world of playful love. Mom used to say it was necessary to keep a healthy marriage alive. Paying bills, running the household and going to work can’t be all there is. So, I say keep the flowers and chocolates coming… I also say, it’s not just about romantic love.

Being playful in this world is so very necessary for our emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing. Too many people are left out of this ‘love’ holiday. In fact, it causes a depression unlike any other when it’s made evident that a person is single. No lover in their lives. No monogamy with the promise of love forever after. It unfortunately brings up insecurities and a deep questioning of “What’s wrong with me?”. People begin to wonder whether they are loveable. It’s serious. As a counselor, I hear this sadness among single people often. And the hype on television and social media is making it worse. In our society, we start the brainwashing at a very young age. We must aspire to have a mate. And that mate must romantically love us with all their heart. Little girls, for sure, are spoken to about their someday wedding to Mr. wonderful. I am sure this is true for little boys as well.

Let’s take love to a whole other level. Something that includes all of us. And this level is not something new. It’s something that we are just not use to recognizing. Young, old, single or coupled, we are all extending and receiving love all the time. And we don’t just extend love to people. We love lots of things. Cars, nature, food etc., how often have you said, “I love…” and it had nothing to do with romance. Love is wholesome and healthy and necessary and abundant for all of us all the time.

I’ll continue to celebrate the ‘red’ love of hearts and flowers, chocolates and romance; and I’d also like to start a love revolution of ‘green’. Green love that reflects the heart chakra. If you’ve never heard of chakras before, they are a very deep spiritual and energetic philosophy. In these next paragraphs, I will do my best to sum up for you, the basic understanding of the chakra system while letting you know that we all have a chakra system within us.

Chakras are energy centers within each body that correlate to the different emotional/ spiritual mainstays of life. Although there are thousands of chakras within our bodies, there are seven main emotional/spiritual centers that are focused on. Those seven encompass our sense of spirituality, sense of intuition, sense of creativity, sense of love, sense of personal power, sense of individuality, sense of sensuality and our sense of personal responsibility. It is thought that a person being balanced in these seven areas of their energetic body is a well-balanced person.

These seven main chakras or energy centers, run the length of our bodies from the top of our heads to the base of spine. Those closest to our head are responsible for our spiritual emotional wellbeing. Those closest to the base of the spine are responsible for our earthly emotional wellbeing. For example, the root chakra is located at the base of the spine, closest to the earth and it correlates to our connection with the earth and matter. A healthy root chakra keeps us grounded in order to maintain life. Our crown chakra is located at the top of our head closest to the heavens and it correlates to our spiritual connection. Keeping us healthily aware that there may be more to this life than this earthly dimension we are living in. Each chakra also has its own specific color. Starting from the Crown chakra toward the base of the spine, the seven colors are Ultra Violet, Indigo Blue, Light Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red.

In the center of our being is our heart chakra. It correlates to love and joy. It brings our spiritual and earthly consciousness together. The heart chakra is not just about romantic love. In fact, romantic love is just a mere part of it. It resonates with love in all paradigms on all levels: love of music, friends, art, self, animals, nature and all else we love. Take a moment and remember a time when you witnessed something that brought you pure joy. Maybe it was watching a child take their first steps. Or perhaps it was the smell of a rose that you planted from seed. Was it a special automobile that filled your heart? How about your favorite hobby? Completing the creation of a craft is something that brings many people joy. I know that my heart swells as I listen to the sound of a perfect pitched operatic voice. And my sister is overjoyed when her company fawns over her cooking. In recognizing joy, allow yourself to point to that part of your body that ‘feels’ it. For sure, many of you are pointing to your heart center. Your, ‘heart chakra’. Yes, you are alive and in love. Now that’s something to celebrate!

So, there you have it. We are Love. We are abundant beautiful love in so many areas of our lives that we need not celebrate just the romantic kind. Let’s jump into this new celebration by saying yes to Happy Red Hearts and Happy Green Hearts too! Let’s celebrate that we are amazing creatures designed to love and love big. I applaud green hearted greeting cards and dining tables set with green flowers and colorful green balloons. Let’s nibble on chocolate and reclaim the one thing that we all have in common… Love, Love LOVE!

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