The Autumn

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It’s the end of a cycle. It’s the beginning of the winter season where everything seems to go dormant. It’s a time when the Earth withholds her nutritious moisture and allows the landscape to sleep. As the summer bids us goodbye, we get to see the beauty and the dryness of lifeless leaves and bare trees. Colors go from the full and flowerful colors of reds, yellows, violets and blues to the sharp colors of burnt oranges, browns and greens. No more will we see the vision of tiny buds that hold the hope of full bloom and fabulous fragrance. The landscape will look like the bright sunsets that we are used to seeing as the sun leaves the sky. It’s like a brilliant crescendo to the end of glorious symphony.

The gardens that we’ve tended since spring look for their final clean up. And as we uncover our soil we start to cover up our selves. It’s time to layer our clothing in long sleeves, long pants, light jackets, socks and shoes. All this in preparation for the change in weather to cool then cold. Life on the upside of our planet starts to go within, and so do we.

In honor of the feminine side to spirituality, we begin our hibernation. We don’t hibernate like bears by going into a deep sleep, but we do hibernate. We take our lives and bring them indoors. We begin welcoming family and friends to the dining table instead of the barbeque and pool. For many of us, it becomes a quieter time. We go within ourselves as we reflect on the warmer, more active months. Kids are back at school; outside activities are not as frequent and this gives us time to be more contemplative. Really allowing yourself to be more contemplative and reflective allows transformation. The kind of transformation that’s healthy and expansive. Just like our landscape needs its time to go underground to rejuvenate, we need our time to go within and revisit our purpose and our passions. It’s as if this part of our planet is taking a deep inhale. We need to inhale as well. Take in our memories and actions while looking to see where change may be needed or where we want to expand on who we’ve been and do more of that.

As always, I look to nature and to the Indigenous to behave consciously knowing that we are all part of a life’s cycle. If we stay in the activity of summer, we will deplete ourselves for sure. The winter of the land is as imperative as the winter of our lives. In our modern lives we live in adrenaline way too much. Our bodies and psyches cannot keep up with our constant activities and the demands we place on ourselves to do it all. We become tired, cranky, overextended and stressed out.

My wish and my prayer for you and all of us is that we remember to go within. Slow down. Enjoy the broth of good soup. Do nothing…. relax and restore. Mother Nature is giving us the perfect opportunity to take care of ourselves. You know what happens when we ignore our mothers ☺ Enjoy the beauty of the Autumn and I’ll speak to you again as the holidays approach!

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