What is The Feminine Rising?

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Many including myself, see that the Feminine is Rising.  It can sound like the beginning of a Women vs. Men war.  It can sound like a kind of take over by the female of the species.  It can sound threatening in many ways because of how we’ve been conditioned.  We’ve been conditioned that men and women are against each other.  We’ve been conditioned to think that femininity solely belongs to women and masculinity solely belongs to men.  We’ve been conditioned to think that everything feminine has to do with a soft, passive and of weak nature.  We’ve been conditioned that everything masculine has to do with sharp edges, narrow thinking and aggressive behavior.  This kind of thinking brings us to odds with each other and within ourselves.

It is time for us to look at femininity and masculinity differently so that femwallwe can better understand the changes that are occurring all over our planet.  As I’ve said in a previous article, we, both genders, contain masculine and feminine attributes.  Yes, for the most part women are the nurturers and men are the protectors and all that… however, a person in balance is a person, male or female, that can freely bring out all sides of their personality.

Assertion, confidence and strength in character are among our many masculine traits.  Compassion, intuition and emotion are among our many feminine traits.  Can you imagine the individual who expresses confidence and strength in the midst of their tears? Or using compassion and intuition, a judge that is able to assert justice for all?

Crying is not a sign of weakness. It is a necessary emotion that allows us to express and release our tight or sad or angry energy.  Anger is healthy when it is balanced with conscious action.

obamaConsider that, ‘The Feminine Rising’, is bringing about a balance in human nature. For too long, we have been living and understanding life through what many call ‘the Patriarchy’.  It is living within the masculine energy as if that were the better, smarter way of being. We’ve been living in the idea of bigger and better regardless of the consequences of our actions.  The Matriarchy voice is rising.  She is the voice that takes a stand for our planet.  She is the voice that says rather than bigger and better, how bout enough for all and harm to none.

My boyfriend and I watched a television show this weekend that highlighted an interview of a young man (perhaps in his 30’s) who created a thriving business by making people comfortable at work.  Flexible hours.  Open kitchens.  Colorful desk areas and lounges.  He is one of a growing trend in business professionals. This is business with a compassion for human needs instead of just the ‘bottom line’.  How very different is that from the old fashioned colorless cubical and strict environment.  Business is booming and the staff is healthy and happy.  This is business incorporating both masculine and feminine considerations.

Many millennial households have fathers and mothers taking on the care of their children and house hold duties as well as both partners keeping their careers.  This is a balance in partnership. Fathers are as necessary for parenting as mothers.  Mothers providing for their families allows them to come to their full potential.  Fathers taking a bigger role in the daily activity of their kids allows them to mature their nurturing expression and connection to family.

The feminine rising in our governments means more care for the earth and her inhabitants.  It means less greed and more cooperative decision making.

femenYes, the feminine is rising.  My wish for you is to let go of the old paradigms and allow a more balanced approach to life.  I conclude my articles asking you to learn from the ancients.  The ancients knew we all had purpose.  They knew that each of us being in balance brings out the best in us as individuals, tribes and communities.  It is balance that will bring us into harmony with ourselves and others.  We’ve gotten so far from balance and it is obvious to me that balance is on its way back.  Embrace it!  Go for it!  We just might see Utopia in our lifetime.

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