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human nature

As this season changes and the climates and atmospheres around the world are in chaos and flux, I am intimately reminded of just how connected we all are to the nature that surrounds us. I say intimately because I, like many of you, have an emotional and physical reaction to what is going on in the atmosphere. We’ve had two tremendous storms hit our continent. Before they hit, while they were still churning and building their vortex of power, my clients were calling in with different concerns. “Rev. Laura, I am feeling extremely tired.” “I feel so edgy, like I’m ready to snap at anyone for anything.” “I feel weepy and I find I am crying a lot for no apparent reason.” None of this surprised me. In fact, I expected it.

Once again and I’m speaking generally, most of us, womyn and men, are attached or at least affected by the atmosphere. For some, it is common knowledge. We say, I know when a storm is coming or when it is going to rain because my joints become tender. How many times have you heard someone say they want to move out west cause it ‘feels’ better. We also acknowledge that our emotions are governed by the phases of the moon. Lots of us are a bit ‘off’ when the moon is full. She regulates all the water on our planet, including the fluid in our bodies. When the water in our body’s rise, our organs shift and it throws us off. This is acceptable and understandable. Emergency rooms are busier when it’s a full moon. The word Lunatic correlates with the full moon and our reactions to it. This is not a surprise to anyone.wolf.jpg

Knowing all this, we shouldn’t be so surprised that we are affected by storms, and sunny days as well. It’s not really said out loud. In fact, when it is said, many people ignore it as if it is yet another new age/old myth. Some of us are aware that we are affected by the movement and alignment of the planets and stars. We secretly look at our horoscopes with earnest while pretending that it is just play. Yet, it is true that we are affected and connected. All of us are connected to all of nature, the earth and the heavens.

Although it is rarely put into words, as soon as young womyn start their physical cycle, they begin an inner knowing of their connectedness. It’s unfortunate that we are not taught to regard our mood swings and sensitivities as normal. I am not speaking of extreme personality disorders that are diagnosed as chemical imbalances. I am speaking of the general moods, emotional ebbs and flows of our psyche that happen on a regular basis. No need for drugs. No need for diagnosis. No need to wonder, “What’s wrong with me!”. All we have to do is become aware. We get pulled and tugged by the atmosphere just as the trees and waters, insects and animals do.

spider wedb.jpgOne of the differences between us and the four legged and winged ones, is that they prepare for it. Many of our pets become docile when the weather is gloomy. Dogs for sure tend to fear the sound of thunder. Thunder is dangerous. They know it. Spiders build webs when the winds are coming. They know food will get blown into those webs. Birds disappear when the winds and rain come. They stop chirping well before the first drops show up.

When we are ignorant of the ‘mood’ shifts that happen during inclement weather, we react with fear or aggression. People may be snappy and we snap back and criticize instead of pausing for a moment and realizing that perhaps there is more going on than meets the eye. When we are a bit ‘off’, things may seem exaggerated. Traffic may seem more horrendous than usual. Road rage, could easily be on the rise. The cashier may not greet us with a smile and on this occasion we take it personally and that can ripple over to the next person we come in contact with. We don’t like the way things are running at home and our spouse better watch out because we react instead of pausing to open to the fact that we may not really be fully in control. We actually may not ‘lord’ over nature. She in fact, may be lording over us.

When we take the time to read, learn and explore the ancient civilizations and the Indigenous cultures, we start to take back our own wisdom and knowledge. Human beings are part of nature. The more we are aware of who we are and the role we play in this vast universe, the more we can learn how to be. I mention these small individual reactions to what may be triggered by the nature that surrounds us. There are much larger consequences to our moods as well. Remember, life is the same on every level large and small. Wars start with just one person. One argument. One set of circumstances.

Try being patient with yourself and others. Perhaps you may want to hold off on making any huge choices when the atmosphere is electric. Perhaps you may want to hold back on reacting to anything and in place of reacting, take a breath. Observe what’s going on around you. Don’t be the tree that doesn’t know how to bend and instead breaks. Or the roof that allows itself to be blown off. Breathe… pause… take it easy. Respect that you are not isolated. Know that you are part of It All.

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