Men and Women Are Not Equal

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Thank you for your responses to last month’s HerStory article. I like that we are in this conversation together.  In that article, I encouraged you to open your mind and consider that we have a ‘herstory’ as well as a ‘history’.  Your feedback confirmed what I was saying.  Life is cyclical. Each time thoughts come back around, we receive them differently. It was only 20 years ago that my article would have brought on a barrage of negative responses. When I first started sharing the possibility that perhaps women and men are NOT equal, I was met with comments like, “You’re holding us back”, “You should be ashamed of yourself” and “We’re not only equal, we’re better than men!”  OMGoodness!  The anger was intense.  Feminism had its fist ready to fight for the right to be equal. I got it and I respected it.  In fact, it was necessary to ‘fight for our rights’. Yet, it’s a new day and it’s time to revisit some old ideas and see where we stand now.


The anger was fierce back then. Perhaps it was the lessons we were taught about the female gender that were completely distorted and that is what made us so mad! We couldn’t get passed the fact that men and women were not treated equally in the most important areas of our civilized lives.  The key words here are ‘treated equally’. It means not getting equal pay for the same job done; not being allowed to vote; using a male body as the general model for medical research, etc. and so on.  You already know many of the inequalities in how women and men are treated differently.

Understandably, we were blinded and infuriated by being treated as some lesser class of people. There was a bizarre notion that women, were weaker, less intelligent creatures. So, of course we had to band together and yell loudly. We had to burn bras and throw away our virginity and basically, we had to brake all the rules to make our point.  And we did make our points.  We still have a way to go, yet, all those years ago, we certainly broke the mold that held us inside a tiny square box. I have no regrets.

On the other hand, I can understand how it would seem as though we as women, were lesser in the grand scheme of things. In our limited and outdated knowledge of ourselves, we thought having intuition and insights was silly instead of necessary.  We thought nurture was more for cuddling up on the couch as opposed to bringing an idea to fruition.  We thought making relationships while achieving our goals was too emotional and possibly messy. We didn’t understand that our feminine way of collaboration instead of competition was not only healthier for the workplace and the community, it also brings forth more valuable ideas and in the long run a more efficient service or product.  We believed that we couldn’t manage a career and raise children.  We thought that Mothers were more important than Fathers in raising our children.  Much has changed.


We blamed our distorted lesser value on the physical and emotional makeup of the female. Instead of just realizing men and womyn are obviously different. The Feminine creature has an obvious cycle that her mind, body and spirit go through approximately every 28 days. In the modern world, that cycle doesn’t fit into the corporate structure. That corporate structure being defined as uninterrupted 9-5 and 7 days a week.

There was a time when we fought to be in that structure. To be in that structure we had to suffer the consequences of ignoring our feminine selves.  We had to behave and believe more like men. Both genders miss out and suffer the consequences of this behavior.  Rather than creating a structure that honored our cycles, we have tried to mask the un-maskable. In trying to achieve this, we end up somewhere in our 30-60’s at the psychotherapist’s office, saying, “I’ve lost myself”.  When women live within their natural structure, they soar in every aspect of their lives and the entire community of men and women and children benefit.


We collaborate rather than compete.

Through researching our herstory, we find that instead of the 7 day week structure that has been ingrained in our lives, there is a natural structure that is already in place.  The cycle women’s bodies, minds and spirits go through, is actually brilliant for creating a structure that is sound and solid on all levels professionally, personally and globally.  Healthy and harmonious civilizations of yester year show us that, like our modern societies, original societies based and structured their daily activities according to their calendars.  The difference is that their calendars were based on our moon instead of our sun.  This allowed for the same approximate 365 days. ( I say approximate because a year is actually between 365.24 and 365.26 days) However, instead of 12 months and having 31, 30, 28 and sometimes 29 days,  we were consistent with life cycles every 28 days and that meant 13 moons. Instead of corporate structure, there was a natural life structure and humanity went with that flow instead of trying to change nature itself. The feminine was in alignment with that flow.  Her intuitions and insights were also in alignment with that flow. Men and women honored and sought after her advice regularly at certain times of the cycle when her intuitions and insights were more pronounced.  We knew then that our E.Q. (emotional quotient) was as just as important as our I.Q. (intellectual quotient).  In following natures structure, we are more productive with ease instead of discipline. We have more energy to devote to our tasks when we adhere to the cycles of life. Men and women were equally respected for what each brought to the community.

As I said in my last article, I find the study of our human existence profoundly fascinating. Knowing our past helps us stand stronger in creating our future. I look forward to sharing these ancient stories with you and I welcome your comments and interpretations.  It’s when we share our thoughts that we grow in wisdom.

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