Let’s Prepare For Our HerStory

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In general, we have a foundation of our origins through the history that we’ve been taught for millennia.  Well, that’s great if you are a guy.  Strong foundations build strong character and confidence. However, it’s evident that his-story is no longer working for women or the balance for men and women to co-exist powerfully and harmoniously. Now is the time for us to learn about our HerStory so that we, men and women, can build a better foundation for who we are as individuals with our differences and our similarities.

Consider that Life is Cyclical. maxresdefault Our Universe spins around the heavens; our planets spin around the Sun; the Stars and all creation follows in suit. Each time they make a pass, they are just a bit different. Life has happened and it takes its toll. Nonetheless, we keep spinning. What was once young becomes older; passes on or dies, to only come around again. Season after season, no two winters are alike… yet, we know to expect winter after autumn; and spring after winter; and summer after spring …and so it goes.

On the material, conscious and biological level, all things run through a cycle and return to their beginnings over and over again. The landscape goes through its cycle year after year. Each time it comes back, it is the same yet different.  They are not the same leaves from the year past, yet the tree blooms so similarly.  The earth’s waters are the same waters that they’ve always been, yet, year in and year out shorelines are reconstructed.  Erosion both seen and unseen, has occurred during the ebb and flow of the tides.  Not the kind of changes that make the shoreline unrecognizable, but a slight change. It is the same with life forms. The insects we see today are the same type of bugs from yesteryear with slightly different features showing up all the time.  The human body has changed over the years as well.  We used to be shorter, we had more hair.  Our internal organs have adjusted to meet our more modern needs.  We live longer.

On the level of conscious thought we see change as well.  Thoughts are very real for us.  A thought can lift your spirits or make you ill.  We see differently through the eyes of maturity. What we witnessed as a child we see differently as an adult.  Collectively as a people, a tribe, a nation, we understand life differently with each new hypothesis or invention or evidence. These too are cyclical. When we understood the world to be flat, we thought differently about travel, time and space.  Our perspectives as men and women and the roles we play have also changed with our maturity. In earlier days, in our collective social conscious, a bride wore white to symbolically portray her virginity.  Certainly our collective thought has changed about that.  The white dress still comes to the tradition, but the reason has evolved.  From fashion to science, we are always restoring the old to new again because we learn new things.

As a collective people, we started off as all first people did. We lived off and with the land. We were part of nature instead of lording over it. We’ve come very far from that original thought. We’ve farmed and cultivated and have grown food instead of finding and migrating to where the food grows naturally. We’ve manipulated our land to the extreme.  We’ve misused and abused and drained this beautiful planet and all her creatures and fortunately now we are returning to a love of her with our organics and animal care and energy prospects.

TaoIt’s all in the nature of things. It’s all cyclical. I like to imagine it like the symbol of the Tao. Yang follows Yin and Yin in turn follows Yang, and we spin and spin and spin. Life is constant movement and it is cyclical.

I’d like you to consider that there is no ‘reason’ for this.  It’s just the way it is.  There is no right or wrong. We accept that the tides will come and go and that the waves alter the shoreline.  It’s when we can live with the changing of the tides that we find peace and empowerment.  We learn from our past and improve when the thoughts and actions come back around. Here, I will offer you a possibility of change for your future as I offer you a different perspective on our past.

For the most part, as westerners, we have been taught history, (That’s His Story from His point of view of the Facts). And that’s all fine and well as long as we consider that there is a herstory, (That’s Her Story from Her point of view of the Facts).

Imagine you are existing some 50,000 years ago.  No electricity, no politics, no religions, no communities, no vocabulary!  We are roaming the planet with all the other animals, just figuring out how to survive. We are just as curious as we are today, however we learn from observation, trial and error.  We observe the four legged creatures that eat from the earth.  Fruit and vegetable are easily accessible. Just pick or pluck and eat.  We also observe animals eating other animals.  It’s more complex.  First the animal must bleed and die and then dinner is served.  So we learn that a bleeding creature means death. Or does it?

All those years ago, we also spent time observing each other.  In the raw, women and men observed women and men.  We observed women would periodically bleed. This blood seemed abundant and coming from their loins and women didn’t die.  Can you imagine the first thoughts in this observation?  If a man bled, seemingly abundantly from his loins, good chance he would die.  Whereas, the feminine creature stayed on a cycle.  The blood would come and go and she would be fine.  Imagine the ‘awe’.  And even more astonishing, women’s bellies would grow large and humans would come out of them!  Again, let your imagination consider these first observations.  What instinctively do you feel about the feminine gender? Start to shift your understanding of our origins and allow a new perspective.  It can only influence your life for the better

I am one who indulges in the study of ‘the feminine’. As did famous authors Carl Jung, Monica Soju, Barbara Mor, Craig S. Barnes and so many more.  I find archeology and ancient feminine studies of our human existence profoundly fascinating. Knowing our past helps us stand stronger in creating our future.

I look forward to sharing these ancient stories with you and I welcome your comments and interpretations.  It’s when we share our thoughts that we grow in wisdom.
Laura Tria

Featured in Great South Bay Magazine

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