Don’t Let Those Voices Stop You!

We all have voices in our heads.  They are the voices of reason telling us why we can or can’t do something.

Here’s a snippet of how we can start to go forward in our lives regardless of the ‘reasons’ that stop us.

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  1. Wonderful, wonderful, this is the next best thing than getting to spend time with you chatting. Love this addition to your web site.

    1. thank you Carol! Yes, yes, this is the place where the healthy exchange can happen. Hope to hear from you often.

    1. Thank you Michael. I hope you visit one day. Lots of loving inspiring energy passes through this home. so many people aspiring to reach their full potential!

  2. Yes ! So nice to hear you make it okay to have the ‘voices’ chattering. So often lately I have felt like I ‘should’ do better to quiet them..as if I’m not ‘doing it right’ . So…just hear them and breathe..notice them ..and let them go ahhh..feel better already

    1. Fabulous Elizabeth! Let’s not waste time trying to change the human experience of “voices”. Let’s embrace the experience and just remain in charge of it all😀

    1. Hahaha, when I edited the clip I laughed as I heard that quote as well. “Let’em Bitch. I refuse to shut them up Christine. No one wants to be shut up😊 I just don’t let them rule…. and sometimes, in their bitching, they are quite funny 😂

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